• Parish Church


    Welcome to the parish church of Ottery St Mary in East Devon, part of the Otter Vale Mission Community.

    St Mary's is a place where we aim to provide a range of services and activities so that everyone can find a home here. Weekly services include both traditional and modern worship, with regular events such as a service for young children and a healing service. Members of St. Mary's are involved in many groups and ventures, please explore our website to find out more about them.


    You are welcome to join us as we explore our faith and journey
    to know Christ better and to make Christ better known.

    Church Diary for week beginning 13th February

    Church Diary for week beginning 20th February





  • Daily Prayers

    So many of our fellow Christians are suffering enormously at the hands of hostile governments. We thank you for their joy in worship and determination to share the Gospel with their fellow citizens despite what it may well cost them, it is wonderful to see the church growing despite efforts to eradicate it. May we support them in prayer and giving and even advocacy where this is appropriate.

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