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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary
June 2018

1 June 2018 Protect travellers, cyclists, road workers and litter pickers on our busy roads.
2 June 2018 Food Festival in Ottery. To-day is open day at Exeter University. Pray for the health and welfare of students.
3 June 2018 “Come, let us join our cheerful songs... ten thousand, thousand are their tongues but all their joys are one”. Thank you for the gift of music. Remember the work of the Christian Music Ministry and the recent inspirational visit from Roger Jones and the Wildfire team.
4 June 2018 With half term over, think of schools and students deciding A-level courses and planning GCSE choices.
5 June 2018 To-day is World Environment Day. We each have a duty of care for our planet; the motto in Woolacombe is “Leave nothing behind but your foot prints”.
6 June 2018 Reflect on Archbishop Welby and all clergy. Those we have known, those present and those in training.
7 June 2018 Consider our church wardens , organist and choir. Judith and all who help with the audio and TV systems for our services.
8 June 2018 Think of those who work in the holiday industry locally and all our shops and food outlets
9 June 2018 A day of relaxation but many are at work. Police, nurses, doctors, carers, shop workers and very many others.
10 June 2018 Pray for Hawaii and those who have lost their homes and those worldwide affected by natural disasters, terrorism and political unrest.
11 June 2018 Messy church - inspire the leaders with wisdom and imagination.
12 June 2018 Remember the coffee morning here and at the Methodist Church and the importance of these social occasions in forming friendships for the lonely.
13 June 2018 Pray for Parliament and Local Government who administer our laws and for the resolution of Brexit.
14 June 2018 Family life is central to the aims of the Mothers Union here and in Melanesia.
15 June 2018 For newcomers to Ottery that they find us friendly, welcoming and make us ready to accept new ideas and the skills they bring.
16 June 2018 Children on their adventures in the Youth club and the skate board park. Keep them safe. Pray for the plans for the holiday club at the URC.
17 June 2018 Remember especially today Christians who suffer for their faith, thinking of Egypt, Pakistan and Burma. This evening is the Friends of the Church Annual Service when our bishop is preaching.
18 June 2018 We value our local food producers – farmers, butchers, bakers, bee keepers, market gardeners and the future of our dairy industry.
19 June 2018 Medical services are an essential part of our life. We are thankful for the progress in disease prevention.
20 June 2018 This is World Refugee Day. Remember so many dispossessed in our troubled world, our local Syrian family and the homeless on our streets. Tonight's concert with Ian Tracey and Crispin Steele-Perkins will be a treat.
21 June 2018 Midsummer day. Rejoice in the seasons, our gardens, the country and sea side. We have so much to be thankful for.
22 June 2018 The lonely, young mothers, the bereaved, newcomers, disabled, old and infirm, empty nesters and victims of family breakdowns all need our prayers.
23 June 2018 Be thankful for those who risk their lives for others - fire and rescue, police, lifeboats, mountain rescue, ambulance and coastguards.
24 June 2018 Remember Leisa in the Isle of Wight with her team leader, both new in their posts as they embark on their mission on the island.
25 June 2018 Think of prisoners in all our prisons and their families.
26 June 2018 Consider the legal services, those facing a trial, judges, magistrates and jurors.
27 June 2018 Bring to mind the sick and dying and those who mourn.
28 June 2018 The Memory Cafe meets to-day. Mental illness is very distressing. Pray that those who suffer may find peace and strengthen their carers.
29 June 2018 Locally the Help Scheme aids those in need; we thank the volunteers.
30 June 2018 This is Armed Forces Day. We remember all the members who spend many months away from home and family. Pray for to-day's bride and groom.