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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary
February 2018

1 February 2018 We think and pray for our troubled world Lord. May there be peace and reconciliation between countries at war and without tolerance.
2 February 2018 We pray for Christians suffering persecution for their faith; those who have to worship in secret without Bible or Priest.
3 February 2018 We pray for all missionaries and Christian workers who travel far and wide to spread the Word in difficulty and danger.
4 February 2018 “O worship the King all glorious above”. We pray for leaders and congregations in the church in Andorra, Italy, Malta, Portugal, San Marino, Spain and Vatican City.
5 February 2018 We pray that our Vicar Steve will have complete healing, making a full recovery and able to take up again his vocation to spread the Gospel of Christ.
6 February 2018 We pray for our Mission Community with all the priests and service leaders; the PCC and its members. We give thanks for those coming to the end of their term of office and pray that there are many who are willing to take their places.
7 February 2018 We give thanks for all the organisations in our church, the house groups, the Mothers Union, Fffocus, Coffee and Chat, and Mothers Prayers and the shop and its volunteers.
8 February 2018 We give thanks to those who add to the welcome and beauty of our church, the stewards, those on the refreshment committee and coffee rota, those who arrange the floral displays and our faithful "holy dusters", cleaners and maintenance workers.
9 February 2018 We pray for the organist and choir and their dedication and give thanks for the bellringers as they ring out the call to worship.
10 February 2018 We give thanks for those involved in marriage and baptism preparation with the follow up involved and the love and compassion given in bereavement counselling.
11 February 2018 “O gratefully sing His power and his love.” We remember an pray for the congregations and leaders of the church in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. We pray for all those in hospital. We think of the patients in Wonford Chapel where some of our congregation are supporting the worship this morning. Bring them wholeness and healing
12 February 2018 We pray for all the groups in Ottery supporting those with particular needs. We think of the Memory Café, Men’s Shed, Later Life Forum, Over 60s, and the Fffocus group.
13 February 2018 We pray for our Mothers Union Branch members who meet today to listen to an invited speaker. We give thanks for all the workers across the world supporting marginalised women in 86 countries.
14 February 2018 Ash Wednesday. We prepare ourselves for the six weeks of Lent when we are mindful of our sinfulness, we ask for repentance and our hope for forgiveness. We will wear our crosses of ash on our foreheads as a reminder.
15 February 2018 We pray that all the town traders will prosper is spite of financial constraints. We give thanks for the marketing diversity including the monthly community market.
16 February 2018 We give thanks for all who work at our medical centre, Doctors, Nurses, Health care workers and clerical staff. We pray for the midwives. We earnestly pray that the hospital will continue to be the hub of all our medical needs especially the Day care centre which supports the frail elderly.
17 February 2018 We give thanks for all the health care assistants who provide an essential home care service. Lord give them time to be patient and compassionate with their patience.
18 February 2018 “Help us to help each other Lord”. We remember and pray for the leaders and congregations in the church of France, Germany and Monaco. We offer the laying on of hands this morning. May the healing power of the Holy Spirit be in our lives today
19 February 2018 We pray for our Mayor and councillors, also all who are in both District and County Council. Give them wisdom and understanding as they vote on difficult issues.
20 February 2018 We think of all those who are occupying the new houses being built and all new Ottery residents. We hope they will be happy to integrate into our society and hopefully find faith and fellowship in our church.
21 February 2018 We pray for the Syrian family who have come to live in our town. We hope that they will find friendship and happiness without fear. We pray for all who remain in refugee camps and hope that they will soon find a safe place to live.
22 February 2018 We remember all our farmers and agricultural workers in present day difficulties. We pray that their animals will flourish and their lands and endeavours will prosper
23 February 2018 We pray for all market gardeners, those with farm shops and the community market stall holders and individual produce sellers. Give them encouragement in their aspirations.
24 February 2018 We give thanks for those who look after animals at the rescue centre and those helping sick animals at the vets surgery.
25 February 2018 “In Christ shall all be made anew.” We pray for the Leaders an the congregations in the church of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
26 February 2018 We are thankful to have our leisure facilities, the fitness centre, tennis, bowls, cricket and football clubs and the ramblers. We pray for and thank all those are committed to running these clubs.
27 February 2018 We pray for those running the new library and providing a good space for the children and the volunteers at the Tourist Information desk.
28 February 2018 “Holy Spirit come renew us, come yourself to make us live.” Lord we pray for all who are sick in mind, body or spirit, may they have a happy issue out of all their sufferings.
29 February 2018