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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary
April 2017

1 April 2017
2 April 2017
3 April 2017
4 April 2017 We pray for Steve, Cathy and their family and for Leisa and her family, that today they will have time to be refreshed and know God’s loving presence with them.
5 April 2017 We pray for all who are in prison and all who are in trouble, that you will put the right people beside them, to be taught of your love and forgiveness for them.
6 April 2017 We pray for all children going to school today in fear, all who feel on the outside, all who feel misunderstood and unloved and we pray for all who bully others – that the cause may be sought.
7 April 2017 We pray and thank you for Michael, Judith and our choir, for our churchwardens Jill and Brian and for all who contribute to our ability to worship our Creator more deeply.
8 April 2017 We pray for Messy Church, Allsorts, Explore and all who inspire children and enable them to come to know you, Lord Jesus. We thank you for the pleasure they give to them.
9 April 2017 Dietrich Bonhoffer, Lutheran Pastor, Martyr. We thank you for his example of such courage and faith in you and we pray for all Christians living in danger and for all who have been or are being tortured for their love of you.
10 April 2017 William Law, priest, spiritual writer. We thank you and pray for all whose writing and talking has brought us into a deeper and more real relationship with you, our Heavenly Father.
11 April 2017 We pray and thank you for all who work in the NHS. For the Coleridge Medical Centre and the great care they give to us all. We pray that all who come from other countries will soon be assured of their safety to remain with us. We pray for Steve and Leisa and their families on their day off.
12 April 2017 We pray for Bishops Robert, Sarah and Nick and for all who have prepared so hard to draw our hearts and minds closer to our wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ, at this time.
13 April 2017 Maundy Thursday. We pray for the Queen, her family, and thank you for her example of devotion to her faith – our faith - and our country. We pray for all who meet her today to be similarly inspired.
14 April 2017 Good Friday. We kneel before your cross this day, realising that the gift you have given to us makes all our days full of your holiness. Please help us to love and to worship you more and more.
15 April 2017 Today we ponder what life would be like without the gift of his love and the gift of faith and forgiveness he has given to us. How can we thank him?
16 April 2017 EASTER DAY. We kneel before you today, Lord Jesus, in total wonder, gratitude and love. We ask you to increase in us the gifts you give to each one of us, so that your Kingdom will come on earth.
17 April 2017 Help us to draw closer to you, our heavenly father, as we seek to do your will – to love one another. Show us what is within us that you long to change.
18 April 2017 We see you in the beauty of your Creation, and we see its fragility. We pray for governments and all of us to realise what we must do to preserve it and to act on this knowledge.
19 April 2017 Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr. We thank you for the example of Alphege’s life. We pray for children taken from their families, for their families and all who have been taken into slavery, all who are sexually, verbally and violently abused. We pray that they will know your loving presence with them.
20 April 2017 We thank you for your gift to us of our families. We pray for all who live with grief, especially for those who have lost a child.
21 April 2017 Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher of the Faith. We pray that we too will always have the courage to speak about our faith in you when opportunities arise and when we are challenged.
22 April 2017 We pray for your wisdom for our Government and all members of Parliament. For insight of themselves, honesty amongst themselves and a real desire to serve fairly the people of this country.
23 April 2017 St George’s Day, Martyr, Patron Saint of England. We thank you for this beautiful country. We thank you and pray for all who work for the benefit of those in need of help, support and love. We pray that we will become people of understanding and your compassion.
24 April 2017 We pray for the children of the world who live with fear and danger; for all who live on the streets, in leprosy colonies, refugee camps and orphanages, for all who have to work and all who long to go to school
25 April 2017 St Mark, Apostle. We thank you for the bible and for all we can learn of you from St Mark’s Gospel. We thank you for all who enable the bible to be translated and given to people who long for one and we pray for this work to grow.
26 April 2017 We pray for all missionaries, all who risk their lives to take your Word into dangerous places. We pray for all new Christians and thank you that so many Muslims are being baptised.
27 April 2017 We pray that from your gifts to us of Faith, Hope and Love, we will become more aware of the needs of those around us. Increase in us the ability to listen and be compassionate.
28 April 2017 We pray for peace in your world, for your kingdom to come into the hearts of all the leaders of the nations. We pray for your wisdom for them to see the way forward to peace.
29 April 2017 We pray for all who have been damaged by war, accidents, violence and other disasters in their lives, that they will come to know your love for themselves, come to know your peace and so be able to put their lives back together.
30 April 2017 We pray for your Holy Church throughout the world, that we may receive and radiate your divine gift of Joy into your world.