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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary
April 2018

1 April 2018 Today we celebrate Jesus, risen from the dead. Day one of the Christian Church
2 April 2018 The first generations of Christians met much opposition, especially from some close to them; we pray for all who are persecuted today because they follow Jesus.
3 April 2018 Pray for any selling property or moving house: particularly stressful times.
4 April 2018 School holidays – may they be safe and happy times for all our children and young people.
5 April 2018 'New every morning is the love' – how good and generous is our God!
6 April 2018 Give thanks for all research scientists; all thinkers and academics.
7 April 2018 Pray for any you know waiting for operations or facing difficult doctor's/consultant's appointments.
8 April 2018 Pray for those who have failed in life, or who think they have.
9 April 2018 A 'Staff Meeting' today. Pray for our lay leaders, particularly that people will feel called to the valuable and valued office of churchwarden.
10 April 2018 Around the world the Mothers' Union is flourishing. In this country it is not. So pray for Di Passey, our Branch Leader here, and for all the members.
11 April 2018 Give thanks for the Friends of the Church who provide welcome financial support for both the Governors and the PCC.
12 April 2018 We pray for our Cathedral Church of St Peter in Exeter; for its regeneration under new leadership.
13 April 2018 Pray for those whose jobs are insecure, or who are employed on unreasonable contracts.
14 April 2018 Pray for Sue, our Administrator – juggler/mind-reader/diplomat and friend to many.
15 April 2018 Much is made of the 'evils' of social media. Pray that those who own and control such businesses may act with sensitivity and responsibility.
16 April 2018 Pray for your neighbours: for the growth of neighbourliness.
17 April 2018 Pray for Archbishop Justin trying to keep the Church of England afloat in very choppy waters.
18 April 2018 The Governors meet tomorrow (Alphege takes precedence!) Pray for them as they care for our Parish Church.
19 April 2018 Feast of Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury in around 1000. He made peace with the Danes, but was later martyred by them.
20 April 2018 Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting tonight. Pray that those elected to office may serve diligently and be properly supported.
21 April 2018 On the day of his Memorial Service, give thanks for the ministry of Hugh Cross which so many here were privileged to enjoy.
22 April 2018 Leisa is licenced to her new parishes on the Isle of Wight. Pray for her, and for them.
23 April 2018 St George. Pray for our politicians who apparently never do anything right! Reflect on the good parts of our national life.
24 April 2018 Pray for all who serve as councillors and administrators in local government.
25 April 2018 Feast of St Mark – creator of our earliest Gospel. Pray for all who study and try to interpret the Scriptures.
26 April 2018 Pray for all in retirement/nursing homes. Pray for the staff. A very difficult environment to work in, and to live in.
27 April 2018 The day to remember Christina Rosetti – poet (think ' In the bleak midwinter'). Give thanks for all who can express their faith through the written word, and maybe help us too!
28 April 2018 Pray for peace in our world. It must be possible to settle difference without guns, nerve gas, nuclear missiles.
29 April 2018 Moving from spring towards summer. Enjoy the beautiful bits of each day, and give thanks.
30 April 2018 Pray for young people the world over. Growing up is wonderful, but also very challenging at times, at an age when they are especially vulnerable.