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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

June's Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

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1 June 2017Pray for those who seek to build bridges between faiths.
2 June 2017Pray for our archbishops and bishops in their calling as leaders and encouragers and 'prophets'.
3 June 2017Pray for those who have relationships falling apart – marriage; friends; workplace situations.
4 June 2017'Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me this Pentecost.'
5 June 2017Tonight we have a Prayer Walk. Pray for those who will take part.
6 June 2017Pray for Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, particularly for political stability for South Africa.
7 June 2017Tomorrow we vote. Big decision time. Pray for all who have to make life-changing decisions today.
8 June 2017A day of intense activity, excitement, stress in the political world. Pray for winners, losers, vote counters, our over-heated media.
9 June 2017Whatever government we have, pray for the stability, safety and unity of our nation.
10 June 2017'Blessed are the peacemakers' - in homes, in communities, between tribes, religions, nations.
11 June 2017The feast day of St Barnabas, companion of St Paul and patron saint of Cyprus.
12 June 2017Pray for Botswana and Zimbabwe. Especially for tribal harmony in Zimbabwe, and a return to a degree of democracy.
13 June 2017Pray for our times of fellowship – today 'Coffee and Chat'.
14 June 2017Pray for the Abide group and Anna as they continue preparations for us to welcome a Syrian refugee family to this town.
15 June 2017Pray for those who seek to provide for any who are homeless, and any who feel themselves abandoned by their communities.
16 June 2017Thank God for whatever you sense to be your blessings today.
17 June 2017Pray for all whose mental well-being is broken, and those who have the care of them.
18 June 2017As we offer healing ministry in church today, pray for God's touch to be upon the lives of all who suffer.
19 June 2017Pray for Malawi and Zambia, for sound government and steady economic development.
20 June 2017Give thanks for the organisers, volunteers and funders of Ottery Help Scheme.
21 June 2017Pray that all visitors to our church may have a 'good experience'.
22 June 2017Give thanks for all who make our community 'tick': the Town Council; leaders of organisations; good neighbours.
23 June 2017Pray for all who have positions of responsibility and leadership in this church, especially our churchwardens.
24 June 2017Pray for those who push the boundaries of knowledge and skill as scientists, inventors, thinkers, artists.
25 June 2017Pray for those in this community who lead and organise sports and leisure activities.
26 June 2017Pray for the PCC Standing Committee meeting tonight. Pray too for Kenya and Tanzania. In both Christianity is under a degree of pressure from Islam, and in the latter there are regular bombings and other acts of violence, and also a substantial problem of managing Somali refugees.
27 June 2017Pray for all who maintain and enhance our environment; those who campaign against the abuse of God's creation.
28 June 2017Pray for all who feel lost today – actually, or mentally, or just left behind by the 'modern world'.
29 June 2017The feast day of St Peter. Peter never could quite 'get' Jesus; never quite understood. Maybe that's us – we want to but we feel we manage to get it a bit wrong. 'Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus.'
30 June 2017We pray for all who have the responsibility of parenthood and grandparenthood.