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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

September's Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

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1 September 2018Pray for safety for all the cyclists who will come through Ottery on Monday, giving thanks for the increasing numbers taking up this healthy sport.
2 September 2018Pray for the services taking place today in our church, across the Mission Community and town, giving thanks for the opportunities to gather without any risk of persecution.
3 September 2018Pray for all school staff as they prepare for the new term and school year, giving thanks for all who have worked to refresh the buildings and grounds.
4 September 2018Pray for the young people still struggling to sort out their future after exam results. Also for those seeking employment; may they have the courage to deal with any disappointments.
5 September 2018Pray for those children who will be starting formal education and for those moving from a small school to a large secondary school. May they soon make new friends and begin to enjoy new routines.
6 September 2018Pray for the thousands of children in our world who have no chance of any real education. May this soon be changed.
7 September 2018Pray for our overstretched medical centres and hospitals, giving thanks for the NHS and for the many dedicated staff employed. Help us to be appreciative and encouraging.
8 September 2018Pray for the many people who today will be involved in some way with sporting activities. Pray for all children to take opportunities to enjoy being out of doors.
9 September 2018Pray for our clergy, giving thanks for their teaching, compassion and for the way they prepare and conduct the services. May we always come to church with expectant hearts.
10 September 2018Pray for the farmers in our area giving thanks for all they do to protect the environment. Help them to find ways of dealing with the shortage of animal feed.
11 September 2018Give thanks for the beauty of the seasons we enjoy, help us to appreciate God’s faithfulness and to work with Him to protect and enhance our surroundings.
12 September 2018Give thanks for the wonder of our bodies and pray for patience as growing old presents problems! May we be ready to understand and help those needing extra assistance.
13 September 2018Give thanks for the amazing privilege of prayer, asking for help to treat it as a discipline as well as for individual communication.
14 September 2018Give thanks for our wonderful church building, its stones soaked in prayer and worship. Pray for those who visit, may each leave having been refreshed.
15 September 2018Pray for families to have a chance to enjoy each other’s company this weekend, listening and talking with one another.
16 September 2018Give thanks for our choir and pray for the special Choral Evensong tonight, sung by the Heritage Singers.
17 September 2018Give thanks for our bell ringers; may they be blessed as they meet together for practice this evening.
18 September 2018Pray for all of those who will be meeting for Coffee & Chat this morning. May more people realise the welcome ready for them.
19 September 2018Give thanks for our lovely town, for the friendly shop keepers and for all who work for the good of the community. Pray for the Ottery Help Scheme.
20 September 2018Pray for our church wardens, Michael and Jules, and for the PCC. May their decisions be guided by God’s wisdom and for the good of the spread of God’s kingdom.
21 September 2018Pray for our Prime Minister, members of the cabinet and all politicians. Give thanks that we live in a democracy and pray for wise decisions which will be just and fair.
22 September 2018Pray and give thanks for our parks and open spaces and the beautiful walks in our area. Pray for an end to the dropping of litter and any wanton destruction of the environment.
23 September 2018Pray that today will be a time when we make the most of meeting for fellowship, worship and learning. Pray for those not able to come to church. May they be aware of God’s presence with them.
24 September 2018Pray for any know to you who are ill, waiting for results and/or treatment. Help us all to be aware of where a phone call, card or even email (!) may help.
25 September 2018Pray for those today who are nearing death. Help us all to be prepared to consider our end as something that represents Resurrection and Reunion. Pray for all carers.
26 September 2018Pray for our Flower Festival opening today and for all the visitors we hope will come and enjoy the displays. Pray for those suffering from some kind of addiction, especially the young who may be being tempted by alcohol and drugs.
27 September 2018Pray for those preparing for married life. May they learn to listen to each other. We pray for those married in our church. Help them to remember their commitment to one another.
28 September 2018Give thanks for our pets and for all animals. Help us to use our gardens to encourage wildlife. We pray for Escot and all places which work with nature.
29 September 2018As we come to the end of another month, give thanks for all the blessings God has showered upon us. Open us to enjoy the autumn.
30 September 2018Pray for our imaginations to be awakened so we can spend time just sitting in wonder at the creation God has given us.