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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

May's Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

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1 May 2018St Philip and St James, Apostles We pray that we may reflect God’s love into this world. Jesus, light of the world, shine in our darkness.
2 May 2018We remember, Heavenly Father, that through Jesus’ death you revealed your love for your world. We pray that all people will be drawn to know you and your love for them.
3 May 2018Lord, may all who have been abandoned and all who feel abandoned and unloved know your loving, healing presence. We pray for all children who long to be adopted and all living in care.
4 May 2018Heavenly Father, we pray for all who search for a deeper meaning to their lives and are looking in the wrong places. We pray for your love and peace to enter them and your guidance and wisdom.
5 May 2018We pray that as we put up with our own shortcomings that we will show the same generosity to everyone else.
6 May 2018We pray for the Anglican Church of Kenya, their Bishop, the Most Revd. Jackson Ole Sapit and all who worship you, our Heavenly Father, in that country. We pray for all who live there to know peace.
7 May 2018We pray for all Christians who leave their homes and safety to take your word to areas of danger and uncertainty, that they will know your loving presence is with them.
8 May 2018Julian of Norwich Heavenly Father, we thank you for Julian of Norwich and all we can learn from her and we pray for all who take vows to walk more closely with you and we pray for those who find their path very hard.
9 May 2018We pray for all who are bereaved and all who live alone, that in their times of grief and loneliness, you will be very real to them, Lord Jesus.
10 May 2018Ascension Day We praise, thank and worship you for your life on earth, Lord Jesus. We pray that you will guide each one of us to become the person you created us to be. May we come to know you more and more.
11 May 2018We pray and thank you for all who work in the Coleridge Medical Centre and the RD&E. We pray that they will feel valued, that we will be generous in our appreciation of all they do for us.
12 May 2018We pray for our Government to make careful and wise decisions in respect of all the caring services, that the stresses they work with will be comprehended and cared about.
13 May 2018We pray for the Anglican Centre in Rome and the Rt Revd Victoria Matthews, and we pray for all priests and leaders of all denominations in the world, that they will know your strength, guidance and peace surrounding them.
14 May 2018Matthias – Apostle As the disciples depended on you our Heavenly Father to choose Matthias to take the place of Judas, so may we learn to depend and trust in you in guiding us through each day, so that we may grow more into the likeness of Jesus.
15 May 2018We thank you for this amazing world we live in and thank you, Heavenly Father, for our lives. We thank you that now we are listening to those who have revealed to us the damage we do daily to your wonders and pray that we and all countries will respond urgently to make changes in our lifestyles.
16 May 2018We thank you and pray for all you have created. We pray for a greater awareness of you in all we see and touch and eat and give to you more praise and thankfulness for our peaceful lives.
17 May 2018We pray for safety for all who live lives protecting wildlife. We pray for poachers to be stopped. We pray that all poaching and hunting will come to an end; that your creatures may live in peace as we try to.
18 May 2018We bring to you, as the friends of the paralysed man did, all who are disabled and all who care for them. We pray for your peace, comfort and strength to be within them all.
19 May 2018We pray for all who have been taken from their families, and for their families. We pray for an end to child trafficking, for the use of children as soldiers – for all children to be able to live the life you created them for.
20 May 2018Pentecost. Whit Sunday We pray for the Episcopal Church in Colorado and the Rt Revd Robert O’Neill and we pray for your church throughout the world; that you will bless it with a deepening of your Holy Spirit within each one of us.
21 May 2018We pray for all Christians in Costa Rica as they wait for a Bishop to guide them. We thank you for and pray for our Archbishops and Bishops and pray that you will fill them with the gift of your Holy Spirit more and more.

22 May 2018We pray for Bishop Sarah as she begins her new role as Bishop of London. We pray for those who feel unable to accept women clergy, that they will be enabled to change their minds.
23 May 2018We thank you for the gift of music to your world. We thank you for Michael, Judith and all members of our very special choir, who enable us to worship you, our Heavenly Father, more deeply.
24 May 2018John and Charles Wesley Heavenly Father, we thank you for these brothers who have given to us such wonderful hymns and we pray for our brothers and sisters in the Methodist church and pray that we may all grow even closer.
25 May 2018We pray and thank you for all who contribute to our church life. Especially we pray for Steve, Cathy and their family; and thank you for Steve’s recovery. We ask for his continuing good health.
26 May 2018Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Jesus, we thank you for St Augustine and all his teachings and the legacy he has given us. We pray for all in ministry who have to overcome their lack of confidence. Please give them the gift of trust.
27 May 2018Trinity Sunday We thank you and praise you for your gift of yourself to the world. We pray for your peace to grow in the hearts and minds of all with power in the world – for your kingdom, your will to be done in all countries.
28 May 2018We bring to you Lord Jesus, all living their lives in areas of conflict, danger and fear. All who live without comfort or security, all who live lives far from the life you long for them. May your kingdom come, your will be done.
29 May 2018We pray for prison chaplains and for all in prisons. We pray for all who regret their past, that you will put the right people beside them so that they can learn about your love and forgiveness for us all.
30 May 2018Joan of Arc We thank you for all who have died for their faith and all who have given up their lives for
31 May 2018The visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth We thank you Heavenly Father for the knowledge and therefore our joy in knowing of this meeting and all the many blessings we now have through your love.