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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

August's Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

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1 August 2017We pray for ‘Coffee and Chat’ in the Dorset aisle. We give thanks for all groups and organizations that provide a friendly welcome and social interaction for new comers and those on the fringes.
2 August 2017West Hill Church celebrates Holy Communion today. We give thanks and pray for all those clergy and other leaders who take services throughout our Mission Community and who give communion to the house-bound in our community.
3 August 2017The Mothers’ Union meet today to celebrate Holy Communion. We celebrate the work of the Mothers’ Union worldwide. We give thanks for all mothers. Mothers’ Prayers are scheduled for Wednesday 16th.
4 August 2017“If we begin to see our lives as a journey with Christ to God, who loves us with a love which goes beyond all our thinking and imagining, then the frustrating journey of quiet desperation begins to change.” Gerard W. Hughes. Pray for that change of mind, heart and soul. We pray for the Sidmouth Folk Festival (August 4th -11th).
5 August 2017We pray for the couples getting married in our church this month. We give thanks that they have met each other and want to formalize their love and commitment for each other in a Christian church.
6 August 2017We pray for the young children being baptised today and on Sunday 13th. We give thanks to all those parents bringing up children successfully. We pray for all those searching for a faith. Give thanks for friendship on this day, which is International Friendship Day.
7 August 2017 Pray for those we know who suffer in body mind or spirit. We also bring to You, Lord, those in our community You know, but we don’t, that suffer or struggle in any way.
8 August 2017Thank you Lord for this lovely part of our country. We pray for all those taking a holiday in Ottery St. Mary, the surrounding countryside or villages or anywhere in Devon.
9 August 2017God, help us to recognize the world as Your sacrament; that we can see, or maybe just glimpse, Your presence in all things and in all people.
10 August 2017As the Healing Group meet today we pray for the healing and wholeness ministry in our church. We give thanks for doctors, nurses and all medical staff and pray for all those workers particularly in the NHS who struggle to provide the service they want to give.
11 August 2017We pray for the recently bereaved who have had to suddenly adapt to huge changes in their lives. We also pray for those people bereaved some years ago but who, each day, still face the loss of their loved one.
12 August 2017When many are on holiday at this time of year, farmers are hard at work bringing in harvests and looking after animals. We pray for all farmers and horticulturalists and those working in the food and agricultural industries.
13 August 2017We pray for all Christians throughout the world. For some worship is easy and for others the political situation and/or culture makes worship a difficult, even dangerous, activity.
14 August 2017Today is scheduled for a Staff Meeting. We pray for Steve, our Team Rector, Leisa our Assistant Curate, Brian and Jill our Church Wardens and Sue our Church Administrator/ Secretary.
15 August 2017“God is where you are...when you’re at the end of yourself.
God is who you are with... when you are with no one at all.
God is that feeling you have...
when you’re not sure your feelings can be trusted.
God is underneath everything, above, not beyond, and sometimes just side by side, leaning across, waiting for an invite.” Martin Wroe
16 August 2017We pray for the Coleridge Memorial Trust group meeting tonight. We give thanks for all who take care of, and educate others, about our local history and heritage.
17 August 2017We pray for all those receiving ’A’ Level results today. Whatever their results we trust and hope that the students make right choices about their future training, education or employment.
18 August 2017We pray for those with debt problems; the unemployed; those on low wages struggling to make ends meet; for the homeless.
19 August 2017Let us pray for the fruit of the Spirit for all. That is, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5 v 22-23.
20 August 2017We lift to you, Lord, all those who are involved in taking our services this Sunday and all other Sundays. To name some these include the choir, organist, welcomers, bell ringers, sides persons, servers, readers, those leading intercessions/prayers, coffee makers, sound technicians and speakers/preachers.
21 August 201721st The Standing Committee meet this evening. We pray for integrity and wise decisions in the administration of our church organization. This is also the beginning of World Water Week. We pray for clean, healthy water for all that live on this planet and to this end for the continued success of our Toilet Twinning programme.
22 August 2017We pray for Steve and Cathy.
23 August 2017We pray for our town; for local businesses and organizations. We give thanks for the local shops and businesses that are owner-operated by local people. We give thanks for all the local groups that cater for specific interests, sports, crafts and social needs. We pray for the Ottery Help Scheme.
24 August 2017We pray for those students receiving GCSE results today. May they be happy and successful in whatever they decide to do next.
25 August 2017“Deliver us, Lord, from triumphalism in all its forms. Whenever we encounter anyone of a different faith, or of no faith, help us to tread warily and reverently, for You have been there before us and Your living Spirit is in every heart.” Gerard W. Hughes
26 August 2017We pray for our Summer Fair at Cadhay. We hope and pray that it will be a happy and successful day for all in our community and surrounds.
27 August 2017We pray for the All Sorts service.
28 August 2017The Brexit negotiations continue this week. We pray for compromise on both sides, for each negotiator to listen with full attention and understanding to the other side’s point of view, and for progress towards a deal to be made.
29 August 2017We pray for the Syrian family that, hopefully, may soon be selected and agreed by us to come and live in Ottery. We pray for all homeless and dispossessed people especially those driven out of their homes and communities by violence and war.
30 August 2017Three Children’s Craft days are scheduled for today, yesterday and tomorrow. May they all have fun, friendship, and interesting conversations.
31 August 2017To end the month, and thinking of those horrible terrorist atrocities carried out this year, here is another Gerard W. Hughes prayer: “Lord, deepen our trust in the healing power of Your Spirit working within us and through us, absorbing the violence and hatred - transforming it into mercy and love towards ourselves and towards others.”