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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

July's Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

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1 July 2017On the first day of the month, we pray for all that the month holds. Especially, we pray for forthcoming holidays; for time to relax from school, college and the workplace. We pray for the ABIDE picnic at Knightstone Manor this evening.
2 July 2017We pray for the life of our church and for all who play a role in it. Help us all, Lord, to demonstrate the Good News by the way that we live our lives. We pray for our churchwardens and assistant churchwardens.
3 July 2017We pray for our Pastoral Visitors. We pray for Fiona Rimmer, our pastoral care co-ordinator. We pray that we can all learn to become better listeners. We pray for those recently bereaved as they try to cope with life.
4 July 2017We pray for peace in the world; not peace achieved through victory but peace founded on social justice for all. We pray for our country divided by Brexit. We pray for all foreigners living in the UK.
5 July 2017We pray for all migrants who are forced by circumstances to leave their homes and to seek refuge in a foreign land. Remind us of our Christian duty of hospitality. We pray for the Friends’ meeting this evening.
6 July 2017 We pray for the on-going process of creation, for the evolution of our fragile and beautiful planet and for our need to look after it because it is our home and the home for future generations. We pray for farmers, so dependent on good pasture and good soil.
7 July 2017We pray for health, wholeness and healing. We pray for those who are employed as nurses, doctors and ancillary workers in the NHS. We pray for those awaiting test results and for those who have received negative results.
8 July 2017We pray for a greater appreciation of this wonderful world in which we live and the presence of God within every atom of it. We pray for those unable to appreciate it - those who are unable to see the beauty all around them. We pray that their eyes may be opened and that they can wonder!
9 July 2017We pray for social action; for all who are involved in the social and political demands of the Gospel. We pray for the work of the Mother’s Union around the world and here in Ottery St Mary.
10 July 2017We pray for the rediscovery of spirituality; for the growth and deepening of our spiritual lives. We pray for all retreat centres and for their vital work in helping others on life’s journey. Be with us, Lord, as we learn to travel through dark times with You. We pray for Messy Church here and in other churches.
11 July 2017We pray for the Governors and for their responsibility of looking after our church building. We pray also for the Friends of the Church and for all the good work that they do in raising funds for our church.
12 July 2017We pray for those involved in promoting racial and religious tolerance and harmony in our country. We pray for all the leaders of the different faiths – for mutual respect of one another’s faith in God, however perceived. Remind us all that we are human beings first and religious followers second!
13 July 2017We pray for the homeless and for all those who work for housing associations and housing charities. We pray for the work of St Petrock’s in Exeter. Remind us that Jesus was not a homeowner but dependent on the generosity of others.
14 July 2017We pray for the proper use and understanding of the Bible – for its use as a compass and not as a rulebook. Help us to use it to discover a closer relationship with God - to use it as a living tool. We pray that children will hear the wonderful Bible stories.
15 July 2017We pray for the other churches of the Otter Vale Mission Community and for their leaders – lay and ordained. We pray for Cate’s replacement whoever he or she may be.
16 July 2017We pray for the world of sport – that it may be a channel of all that is good about humanity and about living in harmony. We pray for all young people involved in sporting activities.
17 July 2017We pray for all children and young people, for their protection and nurture and for opportunities for them to grow, to learn, to play and to be listened to. We pray for those awaiting GCSE and A level results.
18 July 2017We pray for the work of the United Nations and for all the good that it does in promoting better understanding, mutual respect and peace in the world. We pray for the workers in the various aid agencies – often prepared to put their own lives at risk.
19 July 2017We pray for all who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. We pray for all involved in helping to rehabilitate offenders and in making them feel valuable members of society. We pray for judges and magistrates. We pray for the victims of crime and their families.
20 July 2017We pray, for all who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives and all those who help us to think about such things. For many of us, suffering and death remain incompatible with a God of Love but then we can’t see the whole picture.
21 July 2017We pray for the poor and disadvantaged of the world. We pray for the day when all human beings are well fed, clothed and housed and have equal opportunities in their lives. We pray for the work of Christian Aid.
22 July 2017We pray for poets, writers and musicians and for the enrichment of life that their work brings to us. Help us to use our imaginations in seeing and hearing beyond the mundane and the ordinary – to witness the beyond in our midst and to glimpse heaven here on earth. Today, we remember Mary Magdalen, one of Jesus’ followers.
23 July 2017We pray for women who are discriminated against, who are marginalised and who suffer violence and abuse. We pray that women’s voices and concerns are listened to and acted upon, especially in the Church. We pray for all women bishops in the Church of England.
24 July 2017We pray for the moral and spiritual wellbeing of our nation. We pray for less materialism and less selfish attitudes and for a greater concern for the wellbeing of others. We pray for the Royal Family and all the good work that they do. We pray for politicians; power can corrupt so easily.
25 July 2017We pray for a spirit of risk taking and novelty in our mission of love-in-action towards non-churchgoers; of getting involved in non-church activities and events, for the sake of the Gospel. Help us Lord to remove barriers and to build Your Kingdom here, now, on earth.
26 July 2017We pray for all those caught up in modern-day forms of slavery and people trafficking. For those who are working to ensure its complete abolition. We are first and foremost human beings; help us to behave towards others as we would have them behave towards us.
27 July 2017We pray for all baptised in our church this year. We pray for those who are searching for a faith. Help us, Lord, to be good examples of what it means to be a follower of Christ. We pray for our church leaders in Exeter and especially for our mother church, the cathedral.
28 July 2017We pray for the acceptance of different sexualities and for the growth and development of all loving relationships.
29 July 2017We pray for an eye for opportunities and possibilities to use our church building in connection with our mission to the community here in Ottery St Mary. We pray for our proposed new church kitchen; for the plans to be drawn up shortly. We pray for our community and for its civic leaders
30 July 2017We pray especially for those who have charge of the financial institutions of our country and for those whose task is the creation of wealth – that they may use their talents wisely and fairly. We pray for the greedy and all those who love money; help them to know, instead, that love and the warmth of human relationships surpass all monetary value.
31 July 2017We pray for those addicted to alcohol and drugs and those who are trying to help them. We pray for those who are involved in trying to dissuade young people from drug and alcohol abuse. We pray for our troubled world and for those trying to make it a better place.