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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

September's Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

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1 September 2017A new month and a new season. Lord may the changes we will notice in our environment remind us of your amazing powers and faithfulness.
2 September 2017Pray for safe travel as families return home from holidays. Give thanks for the opportunities we have had to recharge batteries and strengthen relationships.
3 September 2017Give thanks for the opportunities to worship together today without any fear of persecution. Pray for those who are denied this freedom.
4 September 2017Pray for those still seeking further education places, apprenticeships or work. May good choices be made so young lives will have a chance to develop according to the individual talents.
5 September 2017Pray for the 4 and 5 year olds who will be starting formal education this week. Pray for the teaching staff who will be preparing to respond to these youngsters.
6 September 2017Pray for those moving to secondary education, especially those moving from small village schools. May each pupil find the right friend to be alongside.
7 September 2017Pray for our church wardens, Jill and Brian, for the standing committee and the PCC, giving thanks for all they do. May their meetings be times of listening to each other and may decisions be for the good of the church body and our communities.
8 September 2017Today the Church celebrates the birth of Mary. Give thanks for the good home she obviously grew up in and for the example she gives us of closeness to God, humility and obedience.
9 September 2017Give thanks today for the joys of gardening. Pray for the young to have opportunities to discover the wonder of seed germination and the care of plants. May we use our gardens to encourage visiting birds, insects and animals.
10 September 2017Give thanks for our local clergy and especially for our Mission Community. Pray for Steve as he leads the team, especially now that Cate Edmonds is retiring and also for the churches at Feniton, Payhembury and Escot.
11 September 2017Pray for those who will be moving in the many new houses in Ottery. May they find a warm welcome as they settle. May they take time to visit the church and feel drawn to us.
12 September 2017Pray for Coffee & Chat meeting this morning. May more people hear of this happy group and know they will be welcomed. Pray especially for the lonely to accept an invitation.
13 September 2017Pray for our prime minister, the cabinet and all Members of Parliament. During these difficult times, may they work together for the good of the country, especially as they Brexit negotiations move forward.
14 September 2017Today on Holy Cross Day, pray for those who live in spiritual communities giving thanks for their lives of prayer. May we too be faithful disciples of prayer and study.
15 September 2017Pray for hospital chaplains and for all who come alongside the sick, the dying and the bereaved. Pray for our clergy who support and give comfort to those in distress; help them to take time to be personally refreshed.
16 September 2017Give thanks that Jesus Christ lived at a time and in a place when Roman power was cruel and dominant, so He understands our fears and anxieties. Pray for the faith He had in His/our Heavenly Father and for His compassionate concern for the poor and marginalised.
17 September 2017Give thanks for Michael, Judith and our lovely choir who week by week enhance our worship. Pray too for Steve and the musicians at Allsorts and for the musicians at Explore.
18 September 2017Pray for all charities who work to support those who need basic resources and healthcare. Give thanks for the many volunteers who give of their time in so many ways to enhance the lives of others. May we be ever mindful of the people we are put alongside who need help and/or a smile.
19 September 2017Pray for Sue in the office who conscientiously works so many extra hours for the good of the church. Give thanks for her patience and always kind response to our many requests and queries.
20 September 2017Give thanks today for the life and work of John Coleridge Patteson, first Bishop of Melanesia. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Melanesia and for the Companions. Pray for the work of Katie Drew.
21 September 2017The Church today remembers the life of Matthew, the tax collector, called by Jesus to be a disciple. Pray that we, today’s disciples, may be open to God’s call on our lives, giving thanks for this privilege.
22 September 2017Pray for those who live alone and for those who are becoming more immobile. May they be aware of God’s continuing love for them and His desire for their companionship. Help us to see where a word from us would help.
23 September 2017Pray for those meeting together today as families. Where relationships have broken down, may there be thoughts of forgiveness and moves to do away with resentments.
24 September 2017Pray for the Allsorts Service this morning, for those leading the worship, organising the hospitality and welcoming. Pray for more families to be drawn to this service and to Messy Church.
25 September 2017Pray for those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, for prison chaplains and visitors. Pray for the family of those affected. Pray for opportunities for thoughts of repentance and changes for new beginnings.
26 September 2017Pray for those who have been baptised in the church during the past year giving thanks for the friendly, sensitive way our clergy deal with these occasions. Pray too for all who visit the building during the week.
27 September 2017Pray for those who have fallen into the perils of addiction in its various forms. May they be strong enough to fight the addiction and be prepared to seek God’s help. Pray for the young to resist these temptations.
28 September 2017Pray for the proper use and understanding of the Bible, acknowledging the sacrifices that have enabled us to have copies in our own language. Help us to take advantage of the teaching and help it can give us.
29 September 2017Pray for peace in our world, an end to wars and the greed and selfishness that divides communities and countries. Pray for refugees and all who find themselves homeless. Pray for the Syrian family coming to Ottery.
30 September 2017Give thanks for the wonder of colour and for the beauty we see around us as Autumn unfolds. Pray for those who have been blind from birth, so can’t know what colour means.