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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

January's Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

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1 January 2018Naming and Circumcision of Christ. “His name will be called Emmanuel: “God with us”. Lord Jesus, thank you for your promise to be with us always, even to the end of the world.
2 January 2018At the dawn of this New Year: Awaken me, Lord, to your light; open my eyes to your presence; and open my heart to your indwelling.
3 January 2018“By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept … How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” (Ps 137). Pray for the thousands of refugees and exiles around the world.
4 January 2018Pray for the Mothers Union supporting family life and education in this country and worldwide, and for members attending their monthly Communion here this morning.
5 January 2018We give thanks that Steve Weston is safely home following surgery in London, as we pray for his steady recovery and return to full health and strength. We pray also for Cathy and their family, and we thank God for the skill and care of Hammersmith Hospital surgeons, nurses and medical staff.
6 January 2018Epiphany. “As with gladness men of old did the guiding star behold, As with joy they hailed its light, leading onwards, beaming bright, So most gracious Lord, may we evermore be led to thee.” Pray for to-night’s choral recital, The Three Kings, arranged by Miles & Maisie
7 January 2018“Holy Jesus, every day keep us in the narrow way; And when earthly things are past, bring our ransomed souls at last where they need no star to guide, where no clouds thy glory hide.”
8 January 2018Pray for children and young people in our Mission Community and for their teachers as they return to school this week.
9 January 2018We pray for Iran, Iraq and Turkey, countries in the Middle East where there is so much division and violence between militants of different Islamic persuasion. Lord, we pray for peacemakers.
10 January 2018Pray for Tearfund, our chosen charity for 2018. Ask God to bless their work to alleviate conditions among refugees in so many areas of the world, driven from their homelands by violence, famine, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
11 January 2018Pray for the Coleridge Medical Centre: Doctors, Practice and District Nurses; the staff of the Rowan Centre and clinics at Ottery Hospital; all who care for the health and welfare of the Otter Vale Community.
12 January 2018Pray for Hanni and Amne, their children Nour and Abdul, the Syrian family now living in Ottery. May they find the love of God here in our community and be able to rebuild their lives in peace and security.
13 January 2018Pray for Abide under the leadership of Anna Roderick, and ask God to guide them as they look after our Syrian guests, giving thanks for the opportunity to meet and get to know the family.
14 January 2018We pray for Gulf States of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the U.A.R. and Saudi Arabia and especially for Yemen, prevented from receiving essential food and medical supplies for its starving, suffering population. Pray also for this evening’s Healing Service.
15 January 2018We pray for the people carrying out the high-level cleaning in the church to-day. Pray also for Fffocus Ladies enjoying an evening of fellowship and fun at ten-pin bowling this evening.
16 January 2018Pray for Coffee and Chat in the church this morning, that anyone new may feel welcome and make friends.
17 January 2018Pray for the Otter Valley Mission Community Clergy and Readers, thanking God for their leadership and ministry among us.
18 January 2018Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Lord we pray that people around the world may come together to live in peace, learning the benefits which come from accepting our diversity.
19 January 2018Pray for our Diocesan leaders under the Bishop of Exeter, and especially for Bishop Sarah Mullaly as she prepares for her move from Crediton to be the new Bishop of London.
20 January 2018We pray for our World, created by God in his love, but increasingly endangered by man’s carelessness for the environment, causing global warming through toxic emissions into the atmosphere and pollution of the oceans with plastic. Lord, lead governments and scientists to find solutions to the dangers man has created.
21 January 2018Pray for Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, remembering that the Diocese of Exeter is linked with Cyprus and the Gulf whence we receive our Palm Crosses each year.
22 January 2018Pray for Kay Ammon working in a school in Kenya, for her daughter Jessica, and for the people and country of Kenya in East Africa.
23 January 2018We pray for Steve Weston, for his continuing recovery to good health. Lord, we pray that you will be alongside him when the road ahead seems long and bumpy and may your peace surround him and Cathy.
24 January 2018Pray for the PCC meeting this evening.
25 January 2018Conversion of St. Paul. Pray for the Church Missionary Society working around the world, and for all who spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to those who do not yet know him.
26 January 2018Pray for Churches Together In Ottery, that working in unity we may come to know Christ better through each other, and make Christ better known in our community.
27 January 2018We pray for the town of Ottery St. Mary and the community living along the Otter Valley. May the families that have moved into the new housing estates feel welcomed into a caring, friendly place, with CTIO showing them the love of our Lord Jesus Christ for everyone.
28 January 2018Pray for the young people meeting this evening at The Station, Mill Street, and for Graham Harry, their leader of Energize Youth Night.
29 January 2018Pray for shops, businesses and offices in Ottery, working together with the Chamber of Commerce and Town Council.
30 January 2018Pray for the Town and E. Devon District Councils and their employees, street cleaners and refuse collectors who often go unrecognised.
31 January 2018“Be joyful in the Lord; serve him with gladness and come before his presence with a song.” (Ps. 100) Give thanks that winter’s long dark nights begin to shorten and there are signs of earth’s rebirth around us.