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Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

May's Ottery St Mary Parish Church Prayer Diary

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1 May 2017May Day. Help us to enjoy the wonderful world you have created and to care for our corner of it.
2 May 2017Thank you for the guidance of our spiritual leaders, especially Steve and his team.
3 May 2017Thank you for our bible. Remember the work of the Bible Society and bible translators enabling the world to access and understand your teaching.
4 May 2017On this feast day of the saints and martyrs of the English reformation, we thank you that in Britain to-day we can worship you without fear.
5 May 2017Luke ch 1 v 5-25. Pray that like Zechariah you will give us a purpose in our lives.
6 May 2017Luke ch 6. Thinking of our children, keep them safe on their adventures be it scouts, youth club or Ten Tors.
7 May 2017As we meet for worship, pray for India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and for Christians in these countries. Strengthen them in their faith.
8 May 2017Be with the participants in Messy Church. Pray that the leaders be given wisdom and imagination in their teaching.
9 May 2017Pray for friendship and that we show Christian love for each other remembering that God's kingdom starts with us. Welcome strangers at the coffee morning.
10 May 2017Buddha Day. Buddhists like Christians abhor greed, selfishness and hatred. Help us to value everyone whatever their belief.
11 May 2017Thinking of our community and all our new neighbours in Ottery. Greet everyone with a welcoming smile.
12 May 2017Help us to see Jesus in every one we meet.
13 May 2017Be with those who put themselves in danger to help others – fire service, coast guards, armed forces.
14 May 2017Remember to-day in our worship, the countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal, areas of appalling poverty, extreme weather and extraordinary tension.
15 May 2017Consider the role of carers and volunteers in our community and those coming alongside to help in times of need.
16 May 2017Make us aware of social problems in our town and willing to step in to assist in any way we can.
17 May 2017Remember local schools and the education of our children that they may be led to develop their full potential.
18 May 2017The Mothers Union is central to the church's teaching about the importance of family life. Pray for families.
19 May 2017Think of Christians Together and the work of food banks, the Salvation Army and soup kitchens.
20 May 2017A day of relaxation and fun but not for everyone. Remember those at work – the police, the doctors and all those in the medical services, carers and shopworkers.
21 May 2017In our worship to-day pray for the Indian Ocean islands of Comoros, Madagascar, the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles – holiday islands but consider the effects that tourism has on the islanders.
22 May 2017As the temperature rises be with our food producers. Thank you for supplying our needs but also help us to protect our world and its resources.
23 May 2017We think of those in the world who are hungry and pray for good government and a fair share of the world's wealth.
24 May 2017Remember to-day John and Charles Wesley. Thank you for the gift of music and voices to sing your praise.
25 May 2017Ascension Day. Matthew ch 26 v 12-17. Help us to fulfil your final great commission to bring your message of love and peace to the doubting hearts of this broken world.
26 May 2017The day on which John Calvin is remembered . Help us to understand and appreciate our different ways of Christian worship.
27 May 2017The start of Ramadan. Teach us to value the work and belief of those of other faiths.
28 May 2017Thinking of vaccination programmes and disease control in Angola and Mozambique. Pray for a good uptake of government initiatives.
29 May 2017A Bank Holiday. Pray for safety, sensible risks, sunshine and those at work in the hospitality industry.
30 May 2017We think of prisoners and their families. Help us to dear Lord to help one another and to forgive .
31 May 2017Be with those who are sick and dying; comfort those who mourn. Grant peace to those with mental illness.